Storm King's Thunder

Session 2

Arrival at Nightstone

After leaving the Zundbridge watchpost, the party continued south along the high road for several hours without incident.

They turned NE up the road to Nightstone another 10 miles ahead.  About 5 miles outside of town the party encountered a homestead owned by a Gnoll survivalist couple, Garn and Giri.  They were wary of the party coming to their house in the middle of the night, thinking perhaps they were the Government here for a possible raid.    Garn eventually relaxed a bit and answered some questions regarding the odd chimney coming out of a piece of land some 50 yards from the house.  He disclosed that it was from his fire in the underground bunker which he and his wife built in case of SHTF (Shit hits the Faerun). 


The group moved on and approached the town of Nightstone where they found the drawbridge down and the temple bell ringing incessantly.  After a small skirmish with some Worgs, the group discovered that the town was overrun by Goblins and that huge boulders had devastated much of the town.  They rescued a human female, Kella, at the local Inn and learned that giants had bombarded the town from a floating cloud tower high above the city.  She was retrieving her things when the Inn was attacked. They party left Kella with Bindle and the wagon near the front gate, closed the open drawbridge,  and began moving from building to building in an attempt to search for any survivors and to clear out any goblins that remain.  Torin’s war pick, Baracchus’s mace, Rhys’s hand axes and Katerina’s magic missile were very instrumental in taking down several goblins.

Baracchus decided to burn down the stable in an attempt to flush out goblins hiding in the hayloft taking arrow shots at the party. Fortunately, the recent rains kept the fire from spreading to the nearby Inn.

With only a few towers and a final house to check, the party turns their attention to the keep that lies to the south of town.  A bridge connecting the town to the keep was broken in the attack.  If they find a way across, they hope to find the villagers in the keep, waiting out the goblin invasion.  However, the keep has taken significant damage as well, there is no telling what they might find when they arrive.



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